Papa Bieber sets the record straight.

For a while now an interesting rumor has been circling cyber-world. Ever since Gomez and Bieber’s little ‘couple‘ getaway (including Pattie and Jeremy), people have been speaking a lot about the two getting back together. The rumor has been going around for months now about Pattie and Jeremy’s reconciliation,  but yesterday when a video was posted on Youtube of the Bieber parents surprising Justin on stage in his show at Israel, the buzz shot up.

If you look closely at 0:10 you can see Jeremy leaning his head in towards the middle and pulling it out. Looked like he pecked Pattie on the head, didn’t it? Then Justin goes off to perform and his parents stay behind him. A couple seconds after (maybe 0:19-0:22), it kind of looks like Jeremy and Pattie kissing…on the lips!
Yes, yes, now you’re probably thinking something like, “Aw! That is so adorable, the two parents getting back together, Justin is so lucky!” or maybe something like, “Finally! They make such a cute couple!”, right?
Well, sorry to crush whatever hope you had in the two getting back together, but Papa Bieber has set the record STRAIGHT!

After the numerous rumors and gossip going around twitter yesterday, he finally spoke up about it and tweeted.

 Seems pretty legit to me, doesn’t it? Besides, if the two parents were really ‘getting back together’ why would they kiss in front of hundreds of fans at a random concert in Israel? Think about it. I trust that Pattie and Jeremy will stay friends for a very long time. I will admit that them getting back together will not only make Justin happy, but it will make the rest of the Belieber world happy too. Whatever they are doing, or decide to do they are and will always be a family no matter what.

What do you think about Pattie and Jeremy? Think there’s something more than ‘just a friendship‘ there?

XOXOPLB; Kimberly

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2 thoughts on “Papa Bieber sets the record straight.

  1. sasha says:

    So personally even if they did get back together he has two other children not just Justin. They both have a mother, who he is married to. Why would he cheat on his wife when he has Jazzy and Jaxon?? It just wouldn’t make sense to me. This rumor was stupid from the begginning.

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