Justin Bieber’s Hair Auctioned on Lockdown!

This news is about Justin Bieber’s hair. What about it, you ask? Well one, it’s being auctioned (probably sold to a Belieber.) And two, IT’S ON A SERIOUS LOCK DOWN.

Here are some pictures. (Credit to TMZ for the exclusive picture)

Okay. Not only is it in a glass case, but two strong body guards are protecting it. Beliebers can go take a picture with it but I’m not sure if they can touch it or be prepared for the worst. The hair is now rumored to be sold for 4 million dollars. Wow, I see some Bieber fans got “money to blow” :O

Whoever gets Justin hair must be in love with him. Would you ever pay 4 million dollars for the Biebster’s hair? Comment Below or tweet us @XOXOPLB.

XOXOPLB ; Aleynah

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One thought on “Justin Bieber’s Hair Auctioned on Lockdown!

  1. RearBrept says:

    Very interesting read, subscribed.

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