Justin Bieber in “All of these Boys” Jasmine Villegas music video?

Rumor has it that Justin Bieber could be in the “All of These Boys” music video with Jasmine Villegas? This rumor isn’t quite new.. but not technically since the “All of these Boys” music video hasn’t come out yet. I heard about this probably about 3 weeks ago. But I thought I would share it all with you guys.

This is a picture with Justin Bieber and ‘Bruno Mars girl friend’:

…At first I thought it was no biggie. I mean, Justin takes a lot of pictures with friends and celebs all the time.

Then I found this other picture on tumblr of the same girl on the set of Jasmine Villegas’ “All of These Boys” music video set:

Yes it is her. She’s wearing the same clothes, hair and everything. Also the “All of these Boys” music video ‘behind the scenes’ shows her with JasmineV and the same girl.

Now keep in mind that this doesn’t automatically mean that Justin Bieber is going to play a role of  ‘one of the boys’ that are ‘standing in line’ for Jasmine Villegas. And/or trying to be her ‘boyfriend.’ Like Justin always says “#SupportYourFriends!” For all we know he could of been there just to support her and see the filming of the production. It doesn’t technically mean that Justin will be in the music video as of of the ‘boys!’

But also keep in mind that there could of been a scene in which was going to feature Justin Bieber in her music video, but the director could of possibly removed it from the full production music video. Just like the “Baby” music video – the scene of Justin and Jasmine kissing was cut out of the full music video. So you never know what could’ve happened 😉 But we do know that the Biebster belongs to lil’ Miss Selena Gomez now therefore he is not waiting in line for Ms. Villegas who is also rumored to be dating her backup dancer, friend, and upcoming rapper named JINSU (@SQJINSU).

*The two were seen kissing at Jasmine Villegas’ Sweet 17th birthday Party and have been hanging out a lot lately. Mhm? (;

How do you feel about this? Do you think the Biebs is just “supporting his friends” or is he playing some what of a role in the Jasmine Villegas “All of these Boys” music video? Comment below with your opinions OR share some with me via twitter: @XOXOPLB – The truth hurts; XOXOPLB.

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3 thoughts on “Justin Bieber in “All of these Boys” Jasmine Villegas music video?

  1. KoolKat says:

    Justin Bieber’s $ 760.00 Haircut !!!

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